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Juli 2005

Launching the  

For many years I was traveling to many countries teaching the word of God. Accumulating a lot of teaching materials became quite natural. I discovered that generally Christians of all nationalities are eager to go deeper into the word of God. In one of my missionary journeys to North India, in the Himalayan Mountains, one cold, sleepless night in prayer, I felt God's strong prompting to present my teaching materials on the Internet. Although I was somewhat reluctant I promised God to do so. My objection was, that so many others are doing exactly the same thing. But continually I felt this strange urge to publish my website and in as many languages as possible. Not realizing the full consequence of my promise to God I slowly found out what a huge lot of working hours it represented. I got so scared of the project I began fasting and praying for forty days. Still God's prompting was there and I felt like God said: "Stay in the camp until you have launched the Website." The missionary traveling had to come down to a minimum. Actually the content of the web are my manuscripts written for the pulpit slightly adapted, but still somewhat condensed. However, here I present the first publishing for the Internet, surely I know a lot of updates are necessary and I ask your forbearance and to forgive me the incomplete form it is represented. If you, my dear fellow Christian are blessed at least to some degree, I am very happy and it is my intention to improve the quality of my website continually. Thank you for visiting this web.   

Yours in Christ Jesus

brother vagn