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Matthew 28: Go ye therefore, and teach all nations....

Mark 16: 15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature..

(Mar 16:15) И сказал им: идите по всему миру и проповедуйте Евангелие всей твари.

(Mar 16:16) Кто будет веровать и креститься, спасен будет; а кто не будет веровать, осужден будет.




ПРОЯВЛЕНИЯ ДУХА СВЯТОГО                                                                      Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

Божьи Духовные законы и процветание.                                                        Gods spiritual laws and prosperity

Крещение в воде.                                                                                   Water baptism

Учение о вере                                                                                                             Lesson on Faith                                        




Lesson on Faith

Prayer of the Believer    

Spiritual housecleaning of occult curses

Conditions on revival




Coming biblelessons:

(Subjects in process)

Worship ministry

Revival principles

The Atonement

The Christian Family

The last days - Endtime

The new testament church

The Word of God

The Arc of Covenant found

The Garden of Eden diet

From the Cross to the Throne  

The Temperaments and the Holy Spirit


What happened before the Flood?

Ministers servicebook




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